you are super cute winks and your art is gorgeous <3 Also what's your FAVORITE TYPE OF FOOD!!

SOBS KEL THAT WAS SO QUICK thank you for dropping an ask!! /grosslysobs you’re cuter okay okay u v u <3

I love…fatt..y….foo..d….(the reason why I can’t lose weight) and spicy food, but I can’t really eat them too well haha; my stomach can’t handle food that’s too greasy and I just die when something is too spicy! I also like sweets too but to a certain extent; I hate stuff that’s too sweet;; so I guess everything in moderation!

I am finally finished with school &amp; getting back to drawing again! Haven&#8217;t drawn this kiddo in forever.
Yeah it was that one! Haha thanks so much. You have a nice music selection and your artwork is amazing! Keep up the good work :)

No problem, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the music selection! And thank you so much ;///; I really appreciate it<3

Whats the song that sounds like its playing the pipe organ in the beginning? :o

I am not too sure which song you mean but I hope this is the right one: 그대만 있다면 (If Only I Have You) by Loveholic

OLDZIO Sketch Commissions for School Books OPEN [0 slots]


Hello hello, so while I don’t take on commission regularly, I had to reduce my hours at work to fit my school schedule into my life.

Now that spring quarter is approaching, I’m starting to be really tight on cash especially when I have to purchase my school books ($150 total) in the next week. 

So to remedy this, I’m asking you guys if you’d be interested in buying my sketch commissions for certain set prices in order to slowly reach $150 dollars! 

Signal boosts and words of encouragement are more than welcome too! 




Waist up: $10

Full body: $15 



Waist up: $15

Full Body: $27

**75% Additional charge per additional character

You can also check out more examples of my art if you click right over here!


If interested, please email me at with which option you would like, and I’ll get back to you on the details of your order. 

I take Paypal and debit/credit cards via Square! 


hi! i’m opening LINEART &amp; CHIBI commissions!
cons are coming up soon and im planning to table at both Fanime and AX 2014 so I need to make some money for printing and other fees &gt;&lt; also i bought a bike recently ahh…
there are 3 slots for lineart commissions, and 2 slots for chibi (chibis will b colored, not just lineart like in last example). chibis are full!
Lineart = $25-$35 depending on complexity! Singles only, no couples &gt;&lt;.
Chibi = $10 per character!
please keep in mind that i will take artistic liberties such as cropping or idk design elements i think look nice, plz look thru my #drawing tag for examples of my style! so not everything will be completely fullbody, but usually will b at least 80% full body idk how else to put this lol. please have references prepared.
if you are interested or have a question, please send me an email at , thank you!
(i also take custom adoptable commissions but those r a bit expensive, send me a msg or email if you are interested &gt;&lt;)